Chris Urmson, headed the project of Google unmanned vehicle, started his own company

Last summer, Google created a separate car, Google Auto register it as a manufacturer of cars. The leader of the company was Chris Urmson (Chris Urmson), leading a project to develop an unmanned vehicle of the company.

A year after the release of this information has become known that Chris Armson decided to leave Google/Alphabet. Then it was suggested that Arson disagreement with the company after Google hired the former President of the American division of Hyundai, John Krafcik (John Krafcik).

Now edition Recode reports that Chris Urmson continues to develop unmanned vehicles, but as part of another company. No, he didn’t hire one of the eminent manufacturers, instead, he decided to create his own company, which will be financed by private investors. Experts believe that with the involvement of Finance at Armana no problems, considering its credibility and track record.

Sources claim that Arson can present your company and the first project early next year. The new company will develop software and hardware solutions for self-driving cars, planning to sell their products to large automotive companies. In addition, it is reported that, Armson trying to lure in the company of experts from Tesla, Uber and Apple.



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