Chinos is a comfortable thing for casual to stylish

As often, adding to your closet, fashionable women do not think about the clothes, its name and characteristics combinations. Every girl aspiring to be a trend, should know about latest fashion updates almost everything and skillfully choose from thousands of things on a shop counter with one that is perfect for her figure. To this little-known but very stylish clothes include chinos.

What are chinos?

Chinos often are made of natural materials – cotton or linen. They are represented by models boxy, with varying degrees of suurennettu silhouette.

Like many items of clothing, chinos have their own unique history. Initially, nobody knew about the creation of new models of trousers, the first samples of which were presented in sand color. Light khaki was very comfortable for soldiers who served in the South.

Original color obtained by mixing crushed coffee beans, the powder dust and juice of the mulberry tree. The result is a soft shade, on which the dust was almost invisible, in contrast to the black fabric. Modern chinos presented more varied shades.

The name «chinos» comes from Spanish, where it was translated as «Chinese». It was from this country to Spain were supplied fabric for military clothing. The so-called first material, and later themselves pants.

The current model of chinos are very popular among ladies of all ages. They are practical, easy to wear and very original.

To fit chinos?

Chinos model is not for everyone. They create extra volume around the hips, so more suitable for skinny girls and the owners of type shape «triangle».

For girls with wide hips stylists recommend chinos boxy without much volume at the hips.

If you are short in stature, it is not a problem for this model. Enough to wear under pants high-heeled shoes and you have a harmonious stylish combination.

For girls with full legs of the ankles will have to give up the chinos, the main feature of which is the tapered bottom. Shorter style will give an even greater volume of your figure, making the legs straight and devoid of feminine curves.

Popular colors of chinos

The first models of chinos was made in the practical sand color. For urban casual look this shade also applied, especially in the clothes in military style.

However, the most popular more saturated colors, allowing you to create a stylish summer and not only.

Blue chinos

Blue color and its shades fit in perfectly with business dress code. This classic ensemble is appropriate in all situations.

Blue chinos combined with a contrasting top. For example, they look very attractive with white, peach, pink blouse. Vibrant colors and irregular shapes enliven the image, making it more modern and stylish.

Often blue chinos are replaced with jeans. However, classic chinos, made from natural breathable material, indispensable for summer images, that is not true of the tight denim.

White chinos

The traditional color for summer images that looks incredibly soft, easy and feminine. But it has the unpleasant property to increase the amount that is the reason for the refusal of the white trousers by many fashionistas.

To get rid of this will allow the correct choice the top attire. To set off extra volume on the hips will allow extravagant blouse, dark shades, loose t-shirt and lace tops. Particularly impressive and easy summer looks like a combination of chinos white with a striped t-shirt (vest).

Black chinos

Black color fits all. It’s hard not to agree, because it imposes a «magical» property of slim figure to make it more refined and feminine.

Black chinos perfect for office style and match with almost any top.

Color variety

In addition to the traditional shades you can meet masses others that fit safely in your images.

On trend monochrome chinos, restrained shades of gray, beige, and more vivid – cyan, Magenta, etc. They are combined with transparent blouses, with floral decoration and embroidery, jumpers and jerseys, youth t-shirts and tops.

The length of the chinos

Once seeing classic chinos you’ll never confuse them with other similar shapes, for example, Capri. According to the assurances of stylists optimum length chinos should not exceed the level of the ankle 5 cm If the model is too long, you can always make a stylish lapel, achieving the same perfect length.

It is the lapel is considered to be a distinctive feature of chinos. The latest trend of the season – casually rolled up pants.

Tapered chinos

In addition to cuffed chinos features a tapered leg. This is a traditional model which has retained its proportions from the first models.

The tapered bottom is designed primarily to focus on the thighs and legs. If the leg is imperfect, it is better to pay attention to direct styles of pants. But slim and skinny girls can feel free to show your straight legs in a stylish pair of skinny chinos.

What to wear with chinos

Choice top for the image with the pants depending on the model. If chinos with a high waist, they look attractive short tops. For low-slung pants as a top, choose a classic blouse or shirt made of silk.

Classic pants-chinos combined with almost any top – t-shirts, blouses or t-shirts.

Shoes the chinos

The best choice for chinos – heeled shoes. Office restrained style of classic pumps for everyday images – bright sandals with ties or straps.

Appropriate is a combination of Chino trousers with flat shoes. It could be sandals or sandals. For autumn images pick up lacquer, almost masculine style, shoes.

Stylish images with chinos

To list all the images that can be created with chinos simply impossible. Every girl is suited to this process individually, and the versatility and compatibility with other items of clothing allows you to create thousands of unique bows every day.

Office style is appropriate bright colors, if permitted dress code. Pants in coral or mint color combine with a white shirt or blouse. Lightly roll up your sleeves and put on your wrist a simple accessories or a watch.

Pants with low waist will become an indispensable tricuta casual look. Pick as top beige blouse and tuck it into your trousers. The quality of the shoes select sandals flat shoes on the platform.


Incredibly feminine and easiest way allow you to create pants milky color. Combine them with tops with floral prints. Throw over a plain knitted cardigan. Sandals or heels will complete this soft look.

To create stylish images with chinos can each girl. It is sufficient to choose the model that suits you and not be afraid of bold fashion experiments.

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