Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight remains elusive leader of the TOP500 list

Today in Frankfurt presents the international conference on supercomputers. This event coincides with the publication of the 49th edition updated twice yearly list of most powerful systems in the TOP500.

The total capacity of all systems in the list for the year increased from 672 to 749 PFLOPS, i.e. 32%. Like last time, a list with a large margin leading Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight. In the Linpack test he shows a result of 93 PFLOPS (1015 floating point operations per second).

Second place was retained, another Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2. The result is equal to 33.9 PFLOPS. This supercomputer for three years headed the list of TOP500 until the summer of last year have not yielded the system TaihuLight.

In third place is the supercomputer Piz Daint (Cray XC50) established in Switzerland. In the course of modernization in its configuration was added accelerators Nvidia Tesla P100, which increased performance from 9.8 to 19.6 PFLOPS and climb five places in the rankings. The best American supercomputer Titan (Cray XK7) at the same time moved to the fourth position, corresponding to a rate of 17.6 PFLOPS. With a score of 17.2 PFLOPS closes the top five system Sequoia (IBM BlueGene/Q) from the USA.

The most productive Russian supercomputer in the 49th edition of the TOP500 — «Lomonosov-2″ on Intel Xeon processors. Its performance is equal to 2.1 PFLOPS, corresponds to a 59-th line of the list.

The number of systems in the list of leading USA. American supercomputers are found in him 169 times. In second place is China with 160 systems, the third — Japan, which is 33 engine from the list, the fourth — Germany, which has a 28-level supercomputers TOP500. France and Britain took the 17 items of the list.

The basis of most supercomputers are the Intel processors. They are found in 464 of the 500 systems. Accelerators are included in the configuration, 91 supercomputer, and this can act as a Nvidia GPU.

Source: TOP500


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