Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight headed the 48 edition of the TOP500 list

Held in the salt lake city conference on supercomputers SC16 was published the next, the 48th edition of the list of most powerful systems in the TOP500. During the year the number of Chinese systems on the list has increased from 109 to 171. It is interesting that supercomputers from the US to the list too 171. A year ago it was 200.

The list is headed by the Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight, which shows in Linpack score 96 PFLOPS (1015 floating point operations per second). Built on Chinese 260-core processors Sunway SW26010, he has a total of 10 649 600 cores.

In second place is another Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2. Its performance is equal to 33.9 PFLOPS. This supercomputer uses 12-core Intel Xeon E5-2692 and accelerators Intel Xeon Phi 31S1P. The total number of nuclei is 3 120 000.

The best American supercomputer Titan (Cray XK7), built on a 16-core AMD Opteron 6274 processors and Nvidia K20x accelerators, ranked third with an index of 17.6 PFLOPS. The total number of cores equal to the Titan 560 640.

China and the US in the number of systems in the list followed by Germany (31 supercomputer), Japan (27) France (20) United Kingdom (13).

The number of Russian systems in the list for the year was reduced from seven to five. The most productive Russian supercomputer «Lomonosov-2″ on 14-nuclear processors Intel Xeon E5-2697v3 for the year dropped from 35 to 52 position. The performance of this system with a 42 688 cores is equal to 2.1 PFLOPS.

On the total performance of China and the United States are approximately equal: American supercomputers have to 33.9% of performance of all systems in the list, Chinese is 33.3%. Note that the total capacity of all systems in the list for the year increased by 60% and amounted to 672 PFLOPS, and supercomputers, to break the mark of 1 PFLOPS in the list of 117 pieces. Completes the list of system whose performance is equal 349,3 TFLOPS, whereas a year ago the barrier to entry in the list was mark 206,3 TFLOPS.

The vast majority of systems — 462 — built on Intel processors. Supercomputers on IBM Power CPUs is a 22 position on AMD only 7.

Source: TOP500


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