Chinese smartphones has discovered a new spyware

In the USA specialists Kryptowire in smartphones was discovered that every 72 hours sends confidential data to remote servers. FOR collects information about a user’s location, content of messages, contacts and so on, and then forwards all of it to China.

Developer spyware is a Chinese company Adups Shanghai Technology Company. Experts Kryptowire argue that we are not talking about vulnerabilities. ON the contrary, was created with the aim of stealing personal data and transfer them to the smartphone manufacturers. If you focus on the data itself Adups it is installed on 700 million devices including smartphones and cars. Of course, this is about all FOR this developer, so it is unclear what proportion of these 700 million are infected.

It is worth noting that, according to the source, it was not designed for smartphones sold in the United States. ZTE, for example, separately stated that none of the smartphone is not supplied with data, despite the fact that this company, like Huawei, is a client Adups.

Adups itself recognized the existence of such. The company claims that it was created at the request of some Chinese firm, ostensibly to better support users. When this was discovered quite by accident on a smartphone Blu Products, as we have already wrote. This means that the problem concerns not only devices the company initially ordered.


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