Chinese shops stop supply of Xiaomi smartphones in Russia

A few days ago it became known that due to the initiative of «Smart orange», which is the official retail distributor of Xiaomi in Russia, all the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer was introduced in the customs register of intellectual property objects (TROIS).

In practice, a situation in which customs does not give permission for the import of Xiaomi smartphones on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the parcel sent back to China. We all know that in Russia many people buy a smartphone directly from China. Someone for myself, some for resale. The number of cases where sending with the Xiaomi smartphones do not reach the addressee in Russia, is growing every day.

Famous Chinese shop Gearbest announced to suspend sales of Xiaomi smartphones the people of Russia: «In order to avoid mass returns we bought the Xiaomi smartphones, the store has decided to temporarily suspend sales in Russia smartphones Xiaomi. Since 05.05.2017 for Russia to be suspended the opportunity to book Xiaomi smartphones in the online store Gearbest. All previously ordered smartphones will be shipped, orders won’t be cancelled».

While the situation did not clear up, sales will not resume. It is obvious that Gearbest example can follow and other shops.



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