Chinese regulators have allowed HP to by Samsung for the production of printers, but imposed some limitations

More than a year ago it became known that HP is buying a division of Samsung that produces printers. The deal is estimated at 1.05 billion dollars.

Such purchases will require approval of the antitrust authorities of all countries, whose interests they affect. This process may be delayed. Reuters reports that Chinese regulators have approved the deal between micron and Samsung Electronics just in the beginning of the week. This was applied some restrictions, due to concerns that HP in China will approach a dominant position in the market of laser printing devices.

More specifically, HP will sell printers A4 in China at «fair and reasonable» conditions, every six months, providing the pricing report to the Ministry of trade.

You may not make changes in the design of printers, which reduces their compatibility with third-party products, or talk about incompatibility in advertising (we are talking about consumables).

In addition, HP is not allowed to buy in China other printer manufacturers A4.

In HP hope to complete the deal before the end of the year. The buyer will receive over 6,500 patents in the field of printing technology and printers, as well as approximately 1,300 of qualified developers.

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