Chinese manufacturers lag behind AMOLED displays from Samsung Display not less than three years

Experts Digitimes Research predicts that while Chinese manufacturers of AMOLED panels will be difficult to obtain contracts for the supply of its products for Apple and other foreign manufacturers.

In terms of technology, they lag behind the market leader Samsung Display for a few years, but soon the Chinese smartphone manufacturers will increasingly enjoy the AMOLED panel in the country. According to analysts, by 2020 Chinese companies will produce more than 50% of the total AMOLED panels that will be produced by Samsung Display and LG Display.

Local producers of AMOLED at the moment trying to master the technology of plastic substrates, as well as to increase the resolution of their panels. The leader of the Chinese market EverDispaly Optronics this year alone should reach the same level that Samsung Display has achieved in 2014. Other companies lag behind for another year or two. The big problem is the output of quality products, which decreases with increasing resolution.

Today only EverDisplay and Truly Opto-Electronics in China can produce AMOLED panels with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Govisionox Optoelectronics Kunshan, BOE Technology and Tianma Micro-electronics plan to achieve this by the middle of 2018.

Samsung Display started the production of curved AMOLED panels in the second half of 2014. Chinese companies have already introduced similar solutions, but their mass production should start next year.

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