Chinese manufacturers in the future will be able to supply the OLED panels for the new iPhone

It has long been understood that Apple is following the market trend, plans to start producing smartphones with OLED displays, although special claims to the LCD screen, which now apply to the iPhone, no one had. Moreover, the screen of the iPhone 7 was named the best among LCD displays in this segment.

A major supplier of OLED panels for the new iPhone should be Samsung, however, as already noted by various sources, this company may not provide a sufficient number of the required products.

As we have noted, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers recently bought OLED panel not only Samsung, but also from local companies EverDisplay Optronics, Tianma Micro-electronics and Optoelectronics Kunshan Govisionox. Next year smartphones with such displays will be releasing the Meizu, Gionee, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies. In such circumstances, to rely only on Samsung would be short-sighted.

According to IHS, Markit, last year the share of smartphones with OLED displays in the Chinese market has increased from 8 to 13.6%. Next year is expected to grow further.

Chinese OLED manufacturers have all the chances to enter the chain of suppliers of components for smartphones iPhone, according to experts IHS, Markit. This should only increase the production capacity to borrow yet free space on the market.

But then do not forget about the long queues for machines for the production of these types of displays.



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