Chinese companies in total take up more than half of the smartphone market of India

Indian smartphone market is gradually taking over Chinese manufacturers. In November, we reported that companies from China took 32% of the smartphone market of India, which many players lost interest.

According to Reuters, at the moment, the Chinese company was occupied more than half of the Indian market. For example, Samsung, which has long been a leader in this country, now holds only 21% of the market, whereas a year ago the company’s share was 30%.

Among the most successful in India Chinese manufacturers are Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, OnePlus and Gionee.

According to Counterpoint, referenced in the source segment 140-440 dollars to a Chinese company held altogether 68% of the market, while Samsung lost here 14 percentage points. Unfortunately, the exact distribution of the source market does not. Apparently, the leader is still Samsung.


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