China withdrew 1858 smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 after the statement about the absence of problems

Not long ago, Samsung has appealed to Chinese buyers of Samsung Galaxy Note7, stating that the machines sold in this country, use reliable batteries from another vendor. The manufacturer has assured that the Chinese do not have to worry about a possible overheating and fire smartphones.

While Samsung has stopped sales of the device in 10 countries, including the United States and South Korea. Now appeared information that Samsung China all withdrew 1858 smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Explaining the situation, a Samsung spokesperson said that these smartphones were ordered by local residents at the official website until 1 September. As a result, in the starting game got a certain number of smartphones with potentially dangerous batteries.

In the same environment that the civil aviation administration of China has banned the use, charging and also to check Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Sources report that due to problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 new flagship Galaxy S8 can be on the market early.



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