China will force the app stores to carefully check offer

In view of its political structure, China is famous for its various prohibitions and restrictions. For example, the problems in China still have with Google and its services.

According to the source, soon they may have a much larger number of players of the IT market. On Monday, China imposed registration for the app stores. New rules for such platforms were announced in August, and since yesterday the app stores must be registered in the Agency Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).

In an official statement, the CAC said that some app stores do not pay enough attention to the selection placed ON, with the result that some programs contribute to the spread of illegal information. For reference, in China is prohibited, for example, pornography, rumors online and stuff. So how to control thousands and thousands of programs impossible, the Chinese authorities concerned have shifted the responsibility to the owners of the app stores.

It is worth noting that major app stores Chinese censors and so long cooperated. For example, Apple recently had to remove app publishers the New York Times from the App Store. So, the initiative is aimed primarily at new sites.


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