China intends to become a leader in the development of artificial intelligence by 2025

China promulgated the national plan for the development of artificial intelligence (AI). In accordance with the plan, by 2020 the value of key for AI industries to exceed 22.15 billion dollars, and by 2025 — 59,07 billion.

The Chinese state Council in its statement said that the national security interests and growing international competition, are encouraged to take the initiative and seize a new opportunity to create competitive advantages.

The plan declared in conditions when the USA intend to strengthen control over investment, fearing that other countries, including China, will be able to access technologies that were of strategic military importance. The national plan for the development of AI in the United States was adopted in October last year.

To implement its plan, China needs to eliminate shortage of high-performance processors and hardware, software and qualified personnel. The plan provides for the strengthening of ties between private companies, research institutions and the military. Also noted the increasing leadership role of the state, which would guide the development, using mechanisms of market regulation.

Source: Reuters


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