China has shown a passenger vehicle that is a hybrid of a bus and tram

The Chinese manufacturer of cars CRRC has recently introduced a new form of transport. It is a kind of hybrid of tram, bus, and unmanned vehicles.

At its core it’s still a bus consisting of two or more sections. From the tram he took a peculiarity of motion is strictly along a predetermined path. Only in this case it is not used rails, but only a special road markings.

Sensors Autonomous Rail Transit (ART), is called the vehicle, monitor the marking and the bus is moving strictly along a certain trajectory. Being equipped with appropriate systems like unmanned vehicles, ART can do it without the driver, but the driver’s seat, and the controls are present.

The advantages of this vehicle that it will cost much cheaper than the tram, as there is no need to build rails and to extend high-voltage wires. Yes, and they need to allocate a separate section of the road. Immediately need only apply the appropriate markup. For comparison, the cost per kilometer for a tram in China is approximately 22 to 29 million dollars, and one kilometer for metro trains — 59-100 million dollars.

The first model of ART has a length of 31 m and is capable of carrying 307 passengers and 48 tonnes of cargo. The maximum speed reaches 70 km/h. the Bus is equipped with a motor, but the battery capacity is unknown. It is reported that after 10 minutes of charging ART is able to travel approximately 25 km from the First line to the vehicle, the length of which will be 6.5 km long, will be established in Zhuzhou.

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