Children’s 3D printer Yeehaw is offered at a price of $249

Currently on the site Indiegogo is raising funds to release 3D-printer Yeehaw, which is intended for an audience of children.

Those interested can purchase the device for just $ 249, whereas after release the price will be 497$. Set with three sets of printed materials will cost $ 269. Taking into account the fact that the developers promise to start shipping in December of this year, we can assume that the device is ready and will go on sale regardless of the success of the campaign on Indiegogo.

Yeehaw will allow children to create their own toys using an ever-expanding library of 3D models and a special app that allows you to create your own model.

To control the operation of the printer through the mobile app or via a cloud service using the computer’s browser. The developers claim that the printer is very easy to set up, which is automatic and work, and as safe as possible.

All you need to do is choose the model, colour (at time of release will be offered 12 options) and click the print button. The material used to create models, is non-toxic and harmless to the environment.


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