Cheap motherboard for Intel Core eighth generation will be released only early next year

As you know, to work with the desktop Intel Core eighth generation will require motherboards based on new chipsets. Of course, maybe someone from manufacturers will make friends with the new CPU and the existing Board, but officially Intel doesn’t cover.

The first on the market will motherboard with Intel Z370. It they have to buy to consumers if they want to get a processor Coffee Lake at the start of sales. But this is not the only chipset. If we are to believe the leaked roadmap, Intel is preparing the entire line.

After Z370 in the first quarter of next year will be announced chipsets Q370, Q370 and B360 focused on the corporate segment. Around the same time with them will show a mainstream chipset H370 and budget decision H310. Then, sometime in the second half of next year, will be released and the top Z390.



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