Charging station Lift for smart watches, using the principle of magnetic levitation, has attracted more than $250 thousand on Kickstarter

At the moment on the platform Kickstarter fundraising to release the charging station Lift for smart watches Apple Watch and Pebble 2, Time 2, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel Pebble Time Round.

Just a few days developers had managed to attract funding of more than $ 258 thousand dollars, and until the end of the campaign remains more than three weeks.

What is the feature of Lift? In principle, magnetic levitation, which allows the clock to float above the charging station and rotate around the vertical axis, adding to the battery capacity.

In addition, Lift can also perform the role of a small lamp when the device is not used to charge the smartwatch. Finally, the Lift is equipped with its own battery that allows you to recharge a smart watch even on the road. Capacity built-in battery Lift is not reported.

Pre-order on Lift available for $159, with an additional accessory that are worn the watch during charging. To obtain floating lamp, need to pay at least $ 219.

The device will go on sale in October.

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