Charging electric motorcycles Zero has been speeded up six times

Company Zero Motorcycles updated range of electric motorcycles. Model 2018 different accelerated charging. Using the unit Charge Tank with 6 kW, it is possible to reduce the charging time models Zero S, SR, DS and DSR six times.

In the case of models Zero S and DS battery ZF7.2 this means that they are fully «refuel» in just over an hour from the usual household socket Level 1. Models with the larger capacity batteries are charged in two hours, but you will need socket Level 2. Of course, it is still incomparably longer more than pour gasoline into the tank, but it is much more convenient for everyday use. Especially considering that at the same time, 10% increased mileage.

In addition, two-wheeled vehicles have become more mobile Zero: thanks to the new battery and optimized transmission time on a driving wheel increased by 11%.

The prices remained at the same level — they start at $8495 for the Zero FX and over $16495 for SR and DSR. Unit accelerated Charge Tank purchased separately for $2295.

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