ChargeWrite — ballpoint pen, stylus, external battery and storage in one housing

At the site of crowdfunding IndieGogo collect funds for the release of this accessory ChargeWrite, which is equipped with functionality of multiple devices.

Should start with the fact that it is a full ball-point pen. In addition, is a portable battery that allows you to charge both smartphones with Android and iPhone. Its universal connector without adapter fits Lightning port and micro USB. To charge the internal battery from a conventional power outlet with the adapter. Also ChargeWrite can act as an electronic pen.

The developers offer two versions of the accessory. ChargeWrite equipped with a battery capacity of 1000 mA•h, and ChargeWrite+ received the battery in 650 mAh, and flash memory capacity of 16 GB. They are respectively 29 and $ 39.

Deliveries will begin in may this year, the amount is almost five times more than necessary.


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