Chairman Toshiba is ready to leave

Toshiba found itself in a difficult situation — it will have to recognize enormous losses resulting from the actions of the Westinghouse Electric company acquired in 2006. As it turned out, the leadership of Westinghouse made significant cost overruns associated with the recent purchase of the American companies that build nuclear power plants.

Yesterday the Board of Directors of Toshiba has approved a plan for the allocation of production chips in the independent enterprise with the subsequent sale of parts thereof. The move is designed to at least partially compensate for the failed activities of Westinghouse.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toshiba, Shigenori Shiga (Shiga Shigenori), by the way, who previously headed the Board of Directors of Westinghouse, announced that he was ready to resign, taking responsibility for the forthcoming decommissioning.

When Shiga was Chairman of the Board of Westinghouse, the company carried a loss of $ 930 million in fiscal year 2012 and $ 390 million in fiscal year 2012, but Toshiba had concealed this information, violating the law.

It is assumed that the decision in relation to the Shiga will be made until the report is published, scheduled for February 14. It is expected that the current CEO of Westinghouse Danny Roderick (Danny Roderick) will also leave his post.

CEO of Toshiba of Tsunakawa Satoshi (Satoshi Tsunakawa) some time ago said that nuclear power is no longer an important activity of the company.

Source: Reuters



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