CEO of Western Digital apologized manual Toshiba

Reuters became aware of the letter of apology that CEO of Western Digital Steve Milligan (Steve Milligan) sent to the management of Toshiba on August 11. In this letter the head of the Western Digital is concerned about the actions of his company, designed to prevent the sale of semiconductor business of Toshiba competitors Western Digital.

As is known, Western Digital attempted to block the sale by the court and appealed to international arbitration.

Action Western Digital tensed relationship between the two companies. Meanwhile, after buying SanDisk Western Digital, Toshiba is a partner in three joint ventures for the production of flash memory.

It is unclear what impact the letter on the relationship between Western Digital and Toshiba, but we know that in mid-August, the parties agreed to set aside differences and resumed talks on the sale. It was expected that the agreement will be signed before the end of August. Although it failed, Toshiba announced that the negotiations with Western Digital will continue. However, as negotiations with two other potential buyers — a consortium under the leadership of Bain Capital and Foxconn.

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