CEO of LeEco and with one of its main posts

According to the source, founder and LeEco Wetin Jia (Jia Yueting) no longer holds the post of CEO of the parent company.

LeEco restructuring, in which the principal assets of the company will be managed by the also known under the name of Leshi Internet Information & Technology. The fact that at the time it became known that LeTV renamed themselves LeEco, but this was not the case. LeTV is another name But LeEco is just one of the companies included in the composition specializing in certain lines of business.

Now LeEco, apparently, will deal only with the car business and apparently, smartphones. Other assets coming under the control of the parent Jia Wetin remains Chairman and CEO of LeEco, but Director General he will no longer be. This post will replace csun Liang (Liang Jun). Interestingly that Jia Latin was and remains the largest shareholder by owning more than 90% of the shares of the company.



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