Celeno and NGCodec promise to show wireless connection headset virtual reality with a delay less than one frame

The company Celeno Communications, specializing in hardware and software Wi-Fi, and the company NGCodec involved in the development of video codec H. 265/HEVC, announced the joint development of solutions for connecting headsets virtual reality (VR).

Partners promise to show at CES 2017 work codec H. 265/HEVC RealityCodec developed by experts NGCodec, paired with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi in the 5GHz band, created by Celeno. As stated, this solution is unique in its kind, providing a data transmission with a delay less than the duration of one frame.

Existing VR headset can be divided into mobile and stationary. The first is cheaper, but inferior to the second-quality image and have a limited battery life. The second work in pairs with a desktop PC. They provide high image quality, but limit the user’s mobility. This disadvantage can be eliminated by giving them wireless connectivity.

Source: Celeno


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