CEC1702 Microchip microcontrollers equipped with hardware encryption

Company Microchip Technology this week announced the availability of microcontrollers CEC1702, an important feature is the presence of hardware support for encryption. Microcontrollers CEC1702 implemented secure bootstrapping with pre-authentication the downloadable code, the verification of critical commands and other measures designed to ensure maximum safety and resistance to attempts to interfere in the operation of the system controlled by the microcontroller.

The basis is CEC1702 — ARM Cortex-M4. In the configuration of the microcontroller includes a permanent memory and RAM, hardware acceleration of cryptographic operations, interface blocks, clock generators, and debugging tools. Reliance on hardware, not software implementation of cryptographic operations can improve the speed.

Wholesale price CEC1702Q-B1-SX, the first model of the series, is already available for order is us $2.6 per share. The manufacturer offers a wide range of hardware and software tools designed to help developers quickly master the use of CEC1702 in their projects.

Source: Microchip Technology


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