CCROV underwater drone equipped with a camera with a resolution of 4K, and six thrusters

During the exhibition IFA 2016 was presented a device called CCROV, the creators of which have positioned it as the world’s first underwater drone that allows you to shoot in 4K resolution.

At the moment we have a limited list of characteristics of the device. We know that his body can withstand immersion to a depth of 100 m, for precise movement in all planes meet four horizontal and two vertical propulsion. Highlight details during underwater shooting allow four bright led lights. The image captures the drone is broadcast in real time to the connected mobile device.

In the published video shows that CCROV connected wired way, so while no one says anything about battery capacity, which in Drona, probably not, or the time of Autonomous work. The developers did not specify any plans to release a wireless version of the device.

Release date and price are yet to be announced.



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