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What to wear with tuxedo pants?


Fashionable closet is not necessarily a strict and elegant things exclusively for special events. Modern fashion in addition to style offers unmatched convenience and comfort, which like the majority of fashionistas. Bright representative of such clothing is the tuxedo pants, which should be in the wardrobe of every girl, aspiring to be in the trend. The first models of pants

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Hair coloring: new 2018


If a girl wants to change her life, she begins with the hair. This phrase has always been important for every girl. Moreover, many people say that the hair colour affects the sense of self and perception of the world. So if you have been dreaming about change, the beginning of 2018 is perfect for it. Every year stylists distinguish

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Fashionable manicure April 2018


Modern nail art denies and imposed strict rules. Fashionistas allowed to do on their nails this manicure, what they want. However, there are some recommendations following which you will always stay on the cutting edge of fashion. Offer to meet with the latest designs of spring 2018 recommended by renowned beauty masters. Current trends manicure: April 2018 Classic options manicure,

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Croton: the cultivation and care at home


Contents: Proper care Fertilizer and fertilizing Transplant Reproduction Diseases and pests Croton – indoor ornamental plant with leathery leaves asymmetric, pointed, alkrinawi, vyemchatoy and other forms. The young leaves of the flower is usually light green, but as you grow and have a rich Burgundy color. Many hostesses decorate your home with Croton, as it is radically different in color

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Flower gippeastrum: incredible beauty at your home


Contents: Varieties Features Care at home Watering Transplant Reproduction A period of rest Flowering After flowering There is a plant of the family amaryllidaceae. Many gardeners he’s attracted to handsome, tall inflorescence. How to properly care for a flower, he gave you your beauty? Varieties and classification of plants Despite the fact that experts attributed there to the family amaryllidaceae,

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