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Hat – a stylish accessory autumn 2018


Remember how in the childhood we liked to wear a hat and at every opportunity took off the head this hat. As adults, we understand is so important hat in cold and can’t live without this warm and stylish things. Today a variety of styles of headgear allows you to choose not only warm protection for your head from the

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Socks and boots: Trends 2018


Boots – it’s narrow boots, the height of which reaches the knees and above. Initially these shoes were used exclusively by soldiers of the cavalry. Boots allowed to be a long time in the saddle without tiring legs. The first models were with long tops and bell at the top, covering the knees. Modern treads is hardly likely to appeal

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Ideas two tone manicure 2018


In today’s world it is difficult to imagine a girl who makes a manicure. Right now he is not only good manners but also part of the image. Besides, there is a wide variety of different designs, allowing you to find the perfect option for any occasion. But if solid coating or drawings a little bored, then a great alternative

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Fashionable women’s sunglasses: Trends 2018


We all rejoice in the bright spring sunshine, but at the same time trying to hide their eyes from the scorching rays under sunglasses. This essential summer accessory does not only decorative role, but also preventive. Trend sunglasses help protect the eyes against harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent the formation of facial wrinkles. We offer you a image

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