Cases with battery Mophie juice pack for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are estimated at 100 Euro

Company Mophie, known for its covers with batteries, provided such solutions for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The price in both cases is EUR 100 that correlates with the price of other similar covers manufacturer. Of course, different capacity of batteries installed in the covers.

Thus, the model for younger flagship Samsung received the item, with a capacity of 2950 mAh, and in the case of the older apparatus capacity is 3300 mAh. Both case support wireless charging technology (Qi).

The dimensions of the models are equal to 160 x x from 73.34 of 17.57 mm weight 104,9 g (case for Galaxy S8) and 170,73 x 79,07 x 18.8 mm weight 116,2 g (case for Galaxy S8+). At the news is distributed two-year warranty. Sorry, no choice of colors, so the buyers of such covers will have to be content with black.

, Mophie


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