Cases Mophie Juice Pack Air for Apple iPhone 7 support wireless charging

Company Mophie has introduced the Juice Pack Air cases for smartphones Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Covers, as you might guess from the title, supports wireless charging technology. Of course, they also have their own batteries.

Cell capacity for the smaller model is 2525 mAh, and the older, interestingly, even less — 2420 mA·h it is Made, apparently, to preserve the sane dimensions of these covers. However, the least of Apple news for more autonomy need a lot more than greater.

The sizes of case for iPhone 7 be 150 x 71,2 x 16.7 mm and weight is 99.5 g, cover for iPhone 7 Plus — 170,5 x 81,9 x 15.5 mm and weight to 103.3 g. the Manufacturer gives the device a two year warranty. There is a choice of five color options: black, gold, rose gold, blue and red. The cost is $100 and the wireless memory not included.

, Mophie


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