Case Raidmax Sigma, at first glance, does not allow to install any storage devices

The company’s product range was supplemented Raidmax computer case Sigma. Unfortunately, the website is no complete description of the model, so that will have to be limited to the information that is available.

Like most of the other buildings manufacturer, design Sigma quite aggressive. The side wall is completely closed with glass.

On the front wall to place the radiator, ISO dimensions up to 360 x 120 mm For mounting case fans have two seats on the top and one at the rear. Interestingly, the storage is proposed to be located either on the back of platinum, to which is attached the motherboard, when talking about SSD or HDD size 2.5 inches, or at the bottom of the case near the power supply, in the case of a full HDD.

Thus, a sufficiently large free space inside the case, which improves air circulation. It also means the ability to install graphics cards of any length.

On the top panel there are ports USB 3.0 (x2) and audio jacks.


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