Case Pixlplay turns a smartphone into a children’s camera

Funds for the release of those illustrated in the device Pixlplay its creators are now trying to collect on the website Kickstarter. Pixlplay case for your smartphone that turns it into a children’s camera.

Case features movable controls, including shutter button. To change the settings and take pictures also you can, using a touch screen apparatus, which in the case is covered with a protective film. The kit includes: card with tasks, helping to teach children the basics of photography.

Pixlplay case protects your smartphone from dirt and bumps. The locks of the case is designed so that the child did not open them. Case fits smartphones sizes from 115,2 x 58,6 x 6.5 mm to 142 x 75 x 9.5 mm. the dimensions of the case — 179 x 115 x 68 mm.

The minimum Deposit entitling to receive cover, is $25. Project organizers expect to collect at least $25 000. At the time of writing news collected little more than $15 000. Before the end of the fundraising remains 31 days. If scheduled, the amount will be collected, the shipment of cases should begin in June.

Source: Kickstarter


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