Case Phanteks Project 217 and 217S have a non-standard layout compact components

Most of the buildings in the range of the company’s designers designed for full-size motherboard, at least up to size ATX, but at CES 2017, the company introduced a new line, design and layout, which is designed to reach a minimum internal volume. These chassis look better in the role of a HTPC, without occupying much space on the shelf.

Case Phanteks Project 217 and 217S are different sizes, keeping the overall design and support for motherboards size Mini-ITX and power supplies the size, SFF, among which you can easily find models with a capacity of 400-500 watts.

Motherboard deployed to 90º so that the mounting plate sits on the upper part of the body. Video card while outside of the motherboard with which it communicates through the riser. The power supply and the cooling fans located at the base of the buildings.

The company has not announced the price or the date of appearance of the buildings Phanteks Project 217 and 217S are on sale.



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