Case Mophie juice pack for Samsung Galaxy Note8 is equipped with a battery capacity of 2950 mA·h

Company Mophie has unveiled a pair of covers for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note8. Of course, this is not a simple cushion cover.

The first model is called the juice pack and is a the usual for this manufacturer’s case with battery. In this case, the capacity of the built-in element 2950 mAh, which is just 10% less battery capacity in the smartphone.

Of course, this case makes Note8 significantly larger, though Mophie and tried not greatly increase size. The case costs 100 Euro and supports wireless charging technology.

Cover charge force case costs twice less. But he has no own battery. Instead, it has magnets and maintains the batteries Mophie Charge Force. If necessary, they are simply attached to the case and charge smartphone by wireless charging technology. This makes the case significantly thinner and lighter than the juice pack.

, Samsung


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