Case makers have confirmed that the new smartphone Apple will be called iPhone 8

Just a few days Apple will unveil the smartphone, which was once again lined up a long queue. How long or short they are, compared to the line for the previous iPhone, time will tell. But hardly a high price, which sources say, will be able to discourage loyal followers of the brand’s desire first to try something new.

At the moment we know about the smartphone a lot, but perhaps Apple won’t tell at the press conference, nothing of what we already wrote. As for the name of the phone, then at various times he appeared as iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Edition.

Now the name of the smartphone was confirmed by two different manufacturers of seat covers, parts of which were published on his page on famous insider Evan Bless (Evan Blass).

Well, that all didn’t seem so straightforward you can remember the rumor that Apple may abandon the names of iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in favor of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, respectively. Then for the anniversary of the smartphone will be chosen a more grandiose name.

8 iPhone announcement expected September 12.



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