Case Fractal Design Define Mini the Define C and C got insulated compartment for PSU and HDD

The broad family of enclosures Fractal Design Define expanded with new models and Define C Define Mini C. They inherit the following features of the predecessors, as the isolated compartment for power supply storage soundproofing and the lack of optical drives. Instead of the new items offer a smaller size than should be expected from their sizes (from Define C ATX and Micro ATX have a Define Mini C).

The power supply unit to a depth of 175 mm is installed in the compartment at the bottom of the casing, its inlet is protected by a removable dust filter. The company of the PSU is two seats for drives size 3.5 inches, but the SSD in the amount of three pieces are mounted on the back side of the tray for the motherboard.

On the side and front panel coated with a layer of insulating material, holes for mounting of fans (six or seven pieces) are on the front, top and back panels, with two seats already occupied by fans Fractal Design Dynamic GP12 size of 120 mm, is provided dust filters. On the front, upper and rear panels can be placed radiators NWO in length from 360 to 120 mm. Both buildings support the installation of graphics cards up to 315 mm and CPU coolers up to 170 mm.

Has holes for concealed cable management and a nylon strap in addition to audio output, two USB 3.0 ports. The size of the case Fractal Design Define Mini the Define C and C is equal to 413 x 210 x 453 mm 413 x 210 x 412 mm, respectively, there is also a version with a window on the side panel. Tags:
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