Case all three TG-01 hides the highlighting of the fans under tempered glass front panel

The company continues to expand its performance range of housings with tempered glass on one or several walls. The new model is called all three TG-01 boasts a glass front panel through which visible illumination of the three front fans. The left side glass, the chassis is steel.

Case all three TG-01 supports motherboard size ATX, with power supply unit with the drives located in a separate compartment in the base that should reduce the mutual heating of the components. Next to BP there are two seats for drives size 3.5 inches and two SSD standard size 2,5 inches are mounted directly on the tray to the system Board.

Highlighting the three frontal fans (120 mm size) can change color and effects after pressing the dedicated button on the face of the top panel, next to two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 and audio jacks. The only exhaust fan (120 mm) located on the rear panel, another one can be installed on the top panel. The ventilation openings are protected with removable dust filters, and power supply.

Supports water cooling radiator up to 240 mm long, CPU coolers up to 165 mm expansion card length up to 370 mm. the Case is all three TG-01 valued at 50 euros, the version with support for changing backlight colors will cost 5 euros more expensive.

All three


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