Car system Hyundai Blue Link will learn to understand voice commands given by Google Home

Hyundai without much fanfare, continues to curl its function Blue Link that allows you to manage those or other systems via a smart phone or even smart watches.

According to a source, at CES 2017, the automaker announced a partnership with Google, through which the cars of Hyundai’s Blue Link can be controlled via voice commands to the Google Home assistant.

In particular, it is possible to give the command to start the car, unlock doors, set temperature climate control and so on. In addition, Blue Link supports integration with Google Maps, so you can set the car route for the next trip, sitting at home on the couch. Hyundai notes that by the time when new functionality will become available to drivers, opportunities, Blue Link will expand. However, when it happens, is not reported.

It is worth mentioning that Hyundai became the first automaker to cars which received the support of the voice assistant Alexa.



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