Car dock JBL Smartbase equipped with wireless charging

One of the novelties of the company Harman at CES 2017 was the JBL Smartbase. It is a special docking station allows for convenient use of the smartphone in the car.

Dock attaches to the dashboard of the car, using a Bluetooth paired smartphone, and then they can be used through voice commands and assistants Google or Apple. New JBL supports wireless charging technology (Qi), and a pair of speakers and microphones with noise cancellation technology VoiceLogic Noise and Echo Noise Cancellation, which makes voice control of smartphone easier.

Have JBL and suggestions in the form of proprietary software, but directly to the dock, they have no relationship. JBL Smartbase requires connection to 12-volt power socket equipped speakers with a capacity of 5 W and is characterized by dimensions 67 x 144 x 131 mm and weight 580 grams.

The device will cost 150 or 200 dollars. In the first case, the only difference is the lack of wireless charging.


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