Car air purifier Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier valued at $65

Your first air purifier company Xiaomi unveiled by the end of 2014. Since that time, she managed to update the model, and now announced another, but not for home use, but for cars!

The device may seem extremely strange, but you need to remember that in some areas China’s air pollution is catastrophic, so that such a product could find a buyer.

To begin, we note that the new product is called Mi Car Air Purifier, will be promoted under the brand Mijia launched by Xiaomi company in the beginning of the year. The cost of new items is only $65, and dimensions equal to 380 x 112 x 112 mm, allow you to place the purifier as shown in the pictures.

Device performance up to 60 m3/h, which should be more than enough for a car. In particular, the company promises that in three minutes the novelty will purify the air in a small car, five can handle the crossover, and seven minutes is enough to clean the air in the cabin of the van.

Purifier capable of filtering out particles of PM2.5 (particle diameter less than 2.5 microns) and even PM0,3-0,5 but interest in the product Xiaomi did not mention. But notes that the device uses filters H11 company Toray. Control is via smartphone, with which the cleaner interfaces through Bluetooth. The power device is equal to 6.5 W, operating voltage 12 V.



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