Capsule wardrobe: create a harmonious no frills images

Many of us are familiar with the situation when wardrobe is full of things, and to put on still nothing. Each new day begins with the selection of the optimal way to work, meeting friends, going to the movies or a restaurant.

To get rid of the fashion puzzle will help a capsule wardrobe. Learn how to choose the right clothing and make a harmonious image for each day, you will forget about the difficulties with creating stylish looks and save money previously spent on «extra» things that lie around in the closet.

Capsule wardrobe: what is it?

A capsule wardrobe is a set of basic things that are harmoniously matched in a certain style, designed in a single color.

Each individual capsule is oriented on the specific situation – business meetings, for work in the office, Luke in casual urban style, etc, creating, for example, business image, you cannot add items to it casual style.

Each item of clothing is selected in such a way that it is «fitting» for the common onion.

Attention is paid to every detail – accessories, hats, shoes are also subjected to rigorous evaluation for compliance a capsule wardrobe.

Thanks to this approach at your disposal is always a thoughtful set of clothes, in which there will be random things.

The basic capsules for each day

Combining the clothes should adhere to the basic ideas of the image, select the main element that will set the tone for the entire capsule.

To create an attractive image it is not necessary to use clothes of the same color. Shades can be very different, the main thing that they looked harmoniously on the target.

Conventionally, Luke-the capsule can be divided into the following groups:

  • business
  • sports
  • everyday
  • in color


The optimal number of items in the capsule 5 to 12 or more. This is the number of elements allows you to create stylish graceful bows.

Each image in the wardrobe except the main parts should contain a set of accessories: jewelry, scarves, belts, glasses, etc.

Create a capsule closet

Making a capsule closet once, in the future you will choose the image for the next day .

First look at what the clothing dominates your wardrobe. It you a start in creating capsules.

A few tips on the selection of harmonious onion:

  • creating a capsule make sure that things fit together, take some time trying on and thinking about each image
  • to create an image on the basis of color do not have to combine things of the same shade, it is enough to choose appropriate clothing for a style trend, but with the harmonious combination of tones

  • if you decide to use vivid branded items, you do not need the sweep of the entire image. Enough 1-2 basic design elements which made the main focus.

  • pay special attention to accessories. They play not only a purely decorative role, with well-chosen accessories, you can make a really stylish feminine look.

  • the capsule should contain more elements. This allows you to create many variations of images with one set of clothes.

As you can see, this capsule wardrobe helps modern fashionistas, allowing not to spend a lot of time on a daily selection of clothes.

The procedure of creating a capsule wardrobe

To generate the right capsule wardrobe rather stick to 4 main principles:

  • The color palette must match the color type and the time of year.
  • The base color is around it will form the whole image.

3. One capsule should not contain more than 3 colors.
4. Every thing from «below» must match 3 items above.

Black, grey and white color is universal. Their number in a single image is not limited to, the main thing that the bow does not look too boring or gloomy.

Examples of capsule wardrobe for women

The most current capsule wardrobe is business casual. Everyday work take up most of our time and want to diversify a strict dress code, every day creating new images.

Choosing the right capsule for the office – a real lifesaver fashionistas who are always short of time to think about his image.

Harmonious business bow designed in soothing colours with classic colors: white, black, gray, deep blue, beige.

As bright accents to use secondary items or accessories in red, turquoise or deep blue colors.

Basis of business look, trousers or a skirt. Perfect if your wardrobe will be a few things different styles and colors.

Blazer as a compulsory element of the business dress code must also be made in the classic style without all sorts of patch pockets and collars of the original cut.

To create a greater number of images have in her wardrobe 2-3 blouses. It can be a monochromatic shirt, blouse, casual with a lush ruff, a few blouses with short sleeves in cool shades under the jacket.

For variety, put it in a capsule cardigan, pullover or light sweater fine-knit.

As for shoes, it is best to choose comfortable, but at the same time stylish. Business onion perfectly complement the shoes convenient height, ballet flats or stilettos.

Do feminine images make stylish accessories. Working select a few light scarves, small silk handkerchiefs, neat earrings, stylish pendants or original watch.

The final item capsule wardrobe – handbags and small clutches, without which no one woman.

Casual capsule wardrobe

That’s where the girls can roam and dream over images. Every woman in my head spinning a few fashion images that she uses most often.

But whether they are matched and conform to the principles of building the perfect capsule wardrobe?

In the formation of everyday Luke primarily focuses on the bottom of your image.

The choice depends primarily on the time of year. Pants, jeans, skirts or shorts for summer are considered base casual capsule wardrobe.

As a top you can use t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, thick knitted sweaters, t-shirts and other items.

Picking up things for the image every day adhere to the principles of the formation of a capsule wardrobe – a harmonious color scheme and the optimal number of items in the way.

Now you know what a capsule wardrobe and will be able to create it yourself. Capsules a godsend for modern fashionistas to be able to form from the minimum amount things high fashion and latest images.

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