Capacity external SSD Transcend’s StoreJet for Mac 600 is 240 GB

Transcend has introduced a new external SSD Transcend StoreJet 600 for Mac computers, with a capacity of 240 GB.

The drive received USB type-C and HFS+, allowing you to use it immediately out of the box. The above-mentioned USB connector-C complies with the specifications of USB 3.1 Gen 2. Data transfer speed reaches up to 470 MB/s.

Package includes two cables (one USB-C port, the second USB-C and USB-A). The casing is made of aluminum alloy, it supports Time Machine and can act as a backup data repository.

The set of proprietary utilities Transcend Elite helps you to more effectively manage the stored data. Transcend Elite will streamline, protect and update the files on the drive.



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