Canonical stops Ubuntu Touch on

Today in the smartphone market there are two main operating systems: Android and iOS. Other options today can not be viewed as competing platforms, but only as an alternative mainly for those who want to be not like everyone else.

It is still possible to buy consumer smartphone with Windows Mobile, if you want you can find the device with BB OS, you can remember the Sailfish and of course Tizen.

Some will also remember Ubuntu Touch
(aka Ubuntu Phone). This OS, unlike others, was initially positioned as a universal for mobile and desktop devices. But for a few years and have not gained at least some popularity.

And now the company Canonical, which has promoted the Ubuntu Touch announced the termination of all work on the project Unity8. That’s what the company was called concept in which one OS was supposed to appear on a variety of devices.

Thus, the market lost another alternative to the main mobile OS.

, Canonical


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