Canon plans to build in Japan, production plant cameras

In recent years, the strengthening of the yen reduced the competitiveness of production made at the enterprises in Japan. Like other manufacturers, Canon has tried to compensate for this shifting production to other countries. However, the cost of labor in these countries is growing, creating the preconditions for the return of production to Japan.

Canon plans to 2019 to build in Japan a plant for the production of cameras. It is assumed that a high degree of automation will reduce the cost of production that is necessary to stay competitive compared to products manufactured outside the country.

Last year in Japan there were 56% of Canon products, including cameras. The manufacturer intends to increase this figure to 60%.

Plot of land for the new enterprise must be purchased in Miyazaki Prefecture as early as this month. This will be the first since 2010, the plant for the production Canon cameras, built in Japan. Its cost is estimated at 181 million dollars. The company will specialize in the production of digital SLR cameras.



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