Canon is credited with the development of three different full-frame mirrorless cameras

Themed website Canon Rumors claims that he became aware of the development of full-frame mirrorless camera Canon. Moreover, allegedly, the Japanese manufacturer is developing not one, but three models are currently in various stages of readiness.

At least one of these cameras will be presented next year. The most likely place the announcement named the exhibition Photokina, which will take place in September.

One of the developed cameras designed to use Canon EF lenses. This will allow you to attract the owners of a huge Park of lenses Canon EF.

Second camera is smaller because it uses a new mount for lenses.

In the third project developers create a camera with a replaceable lens. According to reports, the development of this camera has just begun, so the device is unlikely to be ready next year, if it reaches the stage of mass product.

It remains to recall that information of this kind should be seen critically, because the information does not come from the manufacturer and so far unsubstantiated.



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