Canon faces a penalty of up to $ 2.9 billion for violating antitrust laws

The source reports that General Electric, Merck KGaA and Canon run the risk of fines due to the fact that the antitrust regulators of the European Union accused them of providing false information in the course of individual mergers.

In the case of the first two companies, the fine can be up to 1% of annual revenue, but the Canon may be fined in an amount equivalent to 10% of revenue.

It is reported that Canon has completed the acquisition of the medical division Toshiba Medical Systems before the deal was approved by all regulatory bodies. The deal itself was completed in 2016, and its amount has exceeded $ 6 billion.

General Electric and Merck KGaA deny his guilt, but Canon has said it will provide all the answers in court. In the case of recognition of the company is guilty, she faces a penalty of up to $ 2.9 billion, but it can be significantly less.

After the appearance of the corresponding statements back promotion Canon have fallen in price approximately on 5%.



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