Canon created the company Arcus Global

Canon has allocated part of the business into a separate firm under the name of Arcus Global. As stated in the press release, talking about the IoT Cloud Video service.

Canon is not very clearly explains what will the new company. The Japanese manufacturer says that identified the direction of Network Visual Solutions as a key element in the future growth of the company. And one of the steps to confirm the commitment of Canon to this direction is the creation of Arcus Global.

Thus, we can conclude that the question of corporate video surveillance systems, cloud services, serving such devices and other related products.

CEO of a new company, and Lars Friis Nordenlund (Lars Nordenlund Friis), argues that the IoT Cloud Video service is unique to the corporate market, that is supposedly Arcus Global will not be direct competitors.

In General, the new company will be focused on global market management cloud-based video services, which, according to analysts, by 2021 will rise to $ 20 billion.


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