Canon can invest in the semiconductor business of Toshiba, to help one of their major clients

This morning we reported that Toshiba is considering the selection of the semiconductor business into a separate company and subsequent sale of the company in connection with a huge write-off ($6 billion) in business related to nuclear energy.

One of the potential buyers were Western Digital. The Toshiba representative anonymously told the source that the deal with WD is unlikely, as it would require a long process of approval by U.S. regulators, and Toshiba wants to have time to get the deal done before the end of the financial year, which will end for the manufacturer in March.

According to a new report, Canon might want to invest in the semiconductor business of Toshiba, if he received such an offer. This was announced by Executive Director of the company. Toshiba Canon is a very important buyer of equipment for the production of semiconductor products, so that the transaction would be beneficial to both, and approval by Western regulators in this case would not be required.



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