Canalys analysts believe that 15% of passenger vehicles produced in 2025 will be self-governing

The era of self-driving cars getting closer. It is customary to distinguish between five levels of automation: 0 – all functions assigned to the driver; 1 driver assistance system automatiseret some functions; 2 – machine is controlled by man, but automation takes full control of multiple functions; 3 – machine controls automation, but may require human intervention; 4 — machine controls automation, human intervention is not required.

According to analysts Canalys, 15% of passenger cars that will be released in 2025, will meet levels 3 or 4. This represents rapid progress, since only 1.3% of cars sold this year can be attributed to the level of 2, and machines of higher levels are still in the stages of development and testing. To solutions of level 2 are Tesla Autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assist, Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive and created Audi and BMW system Traffic Jam Assist.

Analysts specify that in the first years will be provided for switching between levels of automation with the traffic situation and other factors, and full automation will be possible on certain lanes of motorways, in the urban zones and towns on certain routes.

Source: Canalys


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