Camera Sony a9 overheats and it would be the algorithm of noise suppression «eating the stars» in the night sky

As was presented last month mirrorless camera Sony a9 (ILCE-9), which the manufacturer, not suffering from an excess of modesty, called revolutionary, carries the traits of evolution. In any case, she inherited the problems inherent in the previous models of Sony cameras.

First, the camera is prone to overheating. The source found that after 20 minutes of shooting when the ambient temperature is 27 °With the camera threw a «white flag» by including the indicator of overheating. For camera, positioned as a professional tool, including those designed for shooting sporting events, this is a serious drawback.

Secondly, the camera is peculiar to the problem of «eating the stars», which is familiar to those who have tried to shoot with Sony cameras starry sky. At slow shutter speeds works so I don’t have the noise reduction algorithm, the host image stars for noise. As a result, the image becomes blurred, with significantly fewer stars than it should be.

The second problem can probably be fixed with a firmware upgrade. In favor of this assumption speaks the fact that in previous models of Sony cameras it came with another version of firmware. Unfortunately, rolling back to a previous version.

Source: Sonyalpharumors



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