Camera smartphone Google Pixel got, originally created for the Google Glass headset

The Google Pixel, equipped with an image sensor Sony IMX378, tops the ranking of mobile devices with the best cameras on the DxOMark website.

As it became known, in the camera of the smartphone applied software that was originally created for an augmented reality headset Google Glass. A camera mounted in glasses Google Glass, is less than the modules that are currently used in smartphones. However, the team wanted to use the Google Glass could get a quality photo. The result of their efforts was the software solution Gcam, which allows the camera to capture more light.

The same principle was used to Google Pixel, its essence is to ensure that the camera captures multiple shots at high speed, and then combines them into a single image, taking the best parts of each photo.

The decision Gcam appeared in Google Glass in 2013, then it has been used in the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 called HDR+, and later in the Google Pixel.

At the moment Google is working on a smartphone Pixel 2, due to improved cameras. It will allow you to get better images in low light conditions.



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